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Woodturning Recommended Gear

Woodworking is an incredible hobby which allows you to create something out of absolutely nothing while expressing your creativity and releasing your anger (at least for me!).

That being said, finding the right tools is always a challenge. I’ve spent countless hours researching, reading and informing myself about the best tools out there before making a purchase. I know exactly how it feels like.

It was thus a goal of mine to provide a short yet sweet guide based on my personal purchases as well as findings along the way.

Keep in mind that I haven’t personally used some of the items described in this guide (especially the lathes), but I did quite a bit of digging before making sure I can add them to my list.

With all that in mind, here are the different tools I’ll be covering in the recommended gear section. You will find individual links to their respective pages below.

  • Wood Lathes – One of the biggest purchases when it comes to woodturning. Buying the right tool is absolutely critical. Although I have covered the best lathes on many occasions, I believe that you should spend the bulk of your research on this.

  • Hand Tools – Your lathe¬†will require tools such as chisels, gouges and more. Although I’ve made separate tutorials on how to use these, I’d like to go back and re-list the ones I’ve used, which ones I liked most and what you should be looking for in these particular tools.

  • Wood Lathe Chucks – A chuck is a specialty tool which makes turning a bowl extremely easy. It’s something that every woodturner should have in their arsenal. Therefore, I’d like to revisit some of the chucks I’ve purchased as well as the ones still on my wishlist.

  • Wood Lathe Parts¬†– A lathe is never truly perfect. As you invest yourself in the hobby, you will start researching better components for your lathe. These are the spindles, tool rests and more. I will be covering the upgrades I purchased for my lathe as well as the ones I still plan to invest in.

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